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11 June 2016 until 21 August 2016 VILLA, REMISE, HOF UND GARTEN


ARTISTS: Awst & Walther, Sofia Duchovny, Tim Etchells, Hella Gerlach, Ben Greber, Ethan Hayes-Chute, Sadaharu Horio + KUKI, Vlatka Horvat, Schirin Kretschmann, Dafna Maimon, Eva Meyer-Keller, Peter Miller, Christian Philipp Müller, Jens Risch, Luca Trevisani, Brad Troemel


The process that determines how works of art are conceptualized and made, time and again, turns into the subject in the work of artists. For that reason, the group-show PROCESS, PERFORMANCE, PRESENCE features sixteen international artists, for whom this process and the change stimulated by it is essential to their work, a change, which in many instances will be unpredictable.


PROCESS, PERFORMANCE, PRESENCE presents the multidimensional nature of the various artistic strategies in this thematically mapped-out field. Several works bear witness to much more than only diligence and endurance, they represent the life’s work of an artist, something he or she has engaged in every day. Other works of art reveal changes over the course of time – owed either to chemical reactions or, for example, to growth. Within the scope of performances, artists will turn into actors who themselves will put processes in motion and trigger a setting originally established by themselves in order to create new scenarios.


PROCESS, PERFORMANCE, PRESENCE is an exhibition that in its course will re-invent itself over and again. This will not only challenge the work of art as a final product, but it will once more emphasize the audience as an important and invaluable vis-à-vis. Visitors to the exhibition are invited to engage themselves in this dialogue, which at all times during the visit to the exhibition presents itself as a unique and irretrievable snapshot of the very exhibition.


Curated by: Jule Hillgärtner / Curatorial assistance: Aline Fieker, Nada Schroer 

Cooperation: Theresa Rößler


Awst & Walther (gegründet 2008), Sofia Duchovny (*1988 in Moskau, RU), Tim Etchells (*1962 in Stevenage, GB), Hella Gerlach (*1977 in Köln, DE), Ben Greber (*1979 in Halle, DE), Ethan Hayes-Chute (*1982 in Freeport, Maine, US), Sadaharu Horio + KUKI (*1939 in Kobe, JPN), Vlatka Horvat (*1974 in Čakovec, HR), Schirin Kretschmann (*1980 in Karlsruhe, DE), Dafna Maimon (*1982 in Porvoo, FI), Eva Meyer-Keller (*1972 DE), Peter Miller (*1978 in Burlington, Vermont, US), Christian Philipp Müller (*1957 in Biel/Bienne, Kanton Bern, CH), Jens Risch (*1973 in Rudolstadt, DE), Luca Trevisani (*1979 in Verona, IT), Brad Troemel (*1987 in Aurora, Illinois, US)


GUESTROOM: MARTINE DENNEWALD presents Faiq Syazwan Kuhiri, Mark Teh, Syamsul Azhar and Wong Tay Sy
Martine Dennewald, artistic director of the Festival Theaterformen, presents an installation by the Malaysian artists Faiq Syazwan Kuhiri, Mark Teh, Syamsul Azhar and Wong Tay Sy.

Artists or curators are invited to make use of the room, which originally served as the guestroom of the Villa Salve Hospes, to comment upon and critically engage with the respective main exhibition.


Awst & Walther, Instrumental Environments, 2016. Photo: Stefan Stark


Christian Philipp Müller, Pizza Pond, 2016. Photo: Stefan Stark


Luca Trevisani, James Hiram Bedford, 2013-2016. Photo: Stefan Stark


Peter Miller, The Letter, 2008. Photo: Stefan Stark


Sofia Duchovny, Untitled (part 2), 2014-2016. Photo: Stefan Stark


Jens Risch, Seidenstück IV, 12.02.2010-16.07.2011. Photo: Stefan Stark


Sadaharu Horio, Atarimae-no-koto, 2016. Photo: Stefan Stark


Vlatka Horvat, Replacements, 2012-2016. Photo: Stefan Stark


Eva Meyer-Keller, Pulling Strings, 2016. Photo: Stefan Stark


Dafna Maimon + Ethan Hayes-Chute, Moment of Camp, 2016. Photo: Stefan Stark


Tim Etchells, As Before, 2016. Photo: Stefan Stark


Schirin Kretschmann, Let's Slip into her Shoes (IV), 2016. (C) 2016 Schirin Kretschmann und VG Bild-Kunst Bonn. Photo: Stefan Stark


Sofia Duchovny + Hella Gerlach, Hoop the Loop (step 2), 2014. Photo: Stefan Stark


Ben Greber, Almagia II, 2009-2016. Photo: Stefan Stark


Guestroom: Faiq Syazwan Kuhiri, Mark Teh, Syamsul Azhar, Wong Tay Sy, When you read this letter, I am no more in this world, 2016. Photo: Stefan Stark






10 June, 9 pm    

PERFORMANCE – Sadaharu Horio + KUKI

11 / 12 June, 4 pm    

PERFORMANCE – Sadaharu Horio + KUKI


12 June, 4.30 pm  
LECTURE "Was war und was wurde Performance Art?"–

Prof. Dr. Christian Janecke, HfG Offenbach

14 June, 7 pm 

at Universum Kino FILM SCREENING – Eva Hesse, Documentary USA/D 2016,

Regie: Marcie Begleiter, 105 min. 

16 June, 5 pm

PERFORMANCE –  Eva Meyer-Keller with Miriam Kongstad

5.30 pm   

PERFORMANCE – Awst & Walther (Dancer: Tillmann Becker, Staatstheater Braunschweig)

5 pm – 9 pm

Studikultnacht: Performances and Bar-bau-Battle with students of the HBK /

Sounds: Someone Special  www.studikultnacht.de

29 June, 7 – 11 pm  IT’S NOT LATE IT’S EARLY #12

Sofia Duchovny, Peter Miller, Jens Risch, Luca Trevisani


26 July, 7pm   

LECTURE – Mareike Herbstreit, HBK Braunschweig

21 August, 3 – 5 pm   

PERFORMANCE – Dafna Maimon + Ethan Hayes-Chute


21 August, 6 pm    

NASTURTIUM DINNER with Christian Philipp Müller


The exhibition PROCESS, PERFORMANCE, PRESENCE takes place

in cooperation with the Festival Theaterformen.


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